The Evangelical Lutheran Mission Diocese of Finland relies entirely for its support on offerings and donations. It organizes its finances through the Luther Foundation Finland. If you wish to support the Mission Diocese financially, you may do that by making donations to the Luther Foundation Finland.


Money (wire) transfer

Bank account number (IBAN):  FI59 1023 3000 2354 52
SWIFT/BIC (international code): NDEAFIHH

Name and address of the beneficiary/recipient

  • Name: Suomen Luther-säätiö sr [Luther Foundation Finland]
  • Street: Kalevankatu 53
  • Postal code: 00180
  • City: Helsinki
  • Country: Finland

Bank information of the beneficiary/recipient:

  • Name: Nordea Pankki
  • Street: Satamaradankatu 5
  • Postal code: 00020 NORDEA
  • City: Helsinki
  • Country: Finland