The basis of the work of the Mission Diocese are its member congregations (of which there were 32 in February 2016). The congregations share the one Lutheran faith. They gather regularly in liturgical worship around Christ’s Word and Sacraments. Each congregation has its own called and ordained pastor. To a large extent, their practical life rests on the work of lay volunteers.

The congregations are formed in such a way that they have a name, a membership and a constitution. Whereas the ELCF has a strict parochial form of membership, membership of our congregations is elective and personal, such that membership is based on personal choice rather than a member’s geographical place of abode. Both those who are members of the ELCF and those who are not may be members of the congregations.

Congregations with internet pages in English

Hämeenlinna: St. Matthew’s

All Mission Diocese Congregations

Näytä Congregations of the Mission Diocese in a larger map

The Mission Diocese is divided into seven Districts and three Regions. Each region is supervised by a Regional Provost (aluerovasti).

Northern and Eastern Region (Pohjoinen ja itäinen alue), Regional Provost Rev. Janne Koskela
Northern District (Pohjoinen rovastikunta)
Oulu, Kajaani, Rovaniemi, Sodankylä, Meri-Lappi, Utsjoki
Eastern District (Itäinen rovastikunta)
Kuopio, Joensuu, Iisalmi, Nurmes, Kitee

Western and Southwestern Region (Läntinen ja lounainen alue), Regional Provost Rev. Markus Pöyry
Western District (Läntinen rovastikunta)
Pyhänkoski, Kokkola, Jakobstad, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Vasa
Southwestern Distict (Lounainen rovastikunta)
Pori, Laitila, Rauma, Åbo, Turku, Loimaa

Region of Tavastia, the Southeast and Uusimaa (Hämeen, Kaakon ja Uudenmaan alue), Regional Provost Rev. Dr. Petri Hiltunen
District of Tavastia (Hämeen rovastikunta)
Jyväskylä, Tampere, Lahti, Hämeenlinna
Southeastern District (Kaakon rovastikunta)
Kouvola, Mikkeli, Lappeenranta, Imatra, Kotka, Savonlinna, Parikkala
District of Uusimaa (Uudenmaan rovastikunta)
Helsinki, Espoo, Lohja, Vantaa, Hyvinkää