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Hämeenlinna: St. Matthew’s Lutheran Congregation

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Congregation (Pyhän Matteuksen luterilainen seurakunta in Finnish) meets for the Divine Service at 13 Tykistötie, Hämeenlinna, at 11 am every Sunday. You are all welcome to our Divine Services. Holy Communion can be received by baptised Christians who need Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and who commit themselves to the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions in their doctrine and lives.

St. Matthew’s primary language is Finnish, but we have extensive translation services in English. In most of our services, simultaneous translation into English is available during the sermon.

If you wish to know more about our congregational activities, teaching, Holy Communion practices or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Markus Nieminen (markus.nieminen(at)luthersaatio.fi, +358-50-439 6125).


Activity in Hämeenlinna
kesäkuu 2019
Su 30.06.2019
klo: 11:00 Messu
Markus Nieminen
  Hämeenlinna, Tykistötie 13

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