Ordination, Eero Kaumi, Turku, 4 March 2018

On 4 March 2018, Eero Kaumi was ordained into Holy Office with the appropriate ceremonies in Turku. The ordination was conducted by Bishop Risto Soramies, assisted by Dean Dr. Juhana Pohjola and Revs. Sakari Korpinen, Markku Sumiala, Kalle Väätäinen and Sebastian Grünbaum. The members of St Paul’s Lutheran congregation took care of the practical arrangements of the ordination in an admirable manner. The ordination was attended by a large crowd due to the various connections of the ordinand as Eero Kaumi is so very well-known. The ordination was followed by festivities and an ordination dinner.

The Office is a part of God’s answer to the Fall

Bishop Soramies preached about the light of God’s Word amidst this present evil world, emphasising the bottomless depravity that lies in us all – the sin that distorts mankind right down to the choices we make in life. Amidst all this, however, comes our Lord Jesus Christ with His mercy and forgiveness of sins. The Bishop underlined that Eero’s ordination is a part of God’s answer to human depravity and Fall. In order to save mankind after the Fall, God sent His Son and sends the representatives of the apostolic Office to forgive sins. The minister is not called to listen to his own heart or proclaim it, but he is called to preach God’s Word and His truth and grace.

In his speech Dr Juhana Pohjola told of the various phases of Eero Kaumi’s life history in the service of God’s Kingdom. Repeatedly he stated how incredibly large a number of people Eero has got to know over the years and what a large group of people he has been able to serve.

The Lord uses the shepherd’s personality as well

Most speakers stressed in their speeches how God protects the preacher himself through the very gospel he preaches. Rev. Sakari Korpinen summed up this thought in the following words: “Eero, with great devotion, use the Means of Grace so that you would have in your conscience the peace of God that passes all understanding – for God has overcome the world.”

The vision and emphasis shared by all those holding speeches was also that Eero has a unique personality, which is something that the Lord uses – the pastor does not have to change himself, but he can be used by God with all the gifts bestowed upon him by God.

We wish an abundance of God’s blessings and joy to Eero Kaumi in his work.

text: Sebastian Grünbaum